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Join the NTP Pool on IPv6

Here at Ice Moon Prison we bill by the second. Hence it is important that we always have the exact time.  To this end, we are longtime users of the NTP Pool Project, a distributed network of Network Time Protocol-enabled servers around the world. As firm believers in paying one’s debt to society, Ice Moon Prison has joined the NTP Pool with one of its spare servers.

Since Ice Moon Prison is too cheap to have more than a single IPv4 address, and since we are IPv6 evangelists, the Ice Moon Prison NTP server is accessible over IPv6 only.  Doing this is easier than messing around with NAT and port forwarding of UDP packets.  (And, we might add, the following recipe is a testament to how easy setting up a service is without the burden of NAT. The same process can be followed for just about any service, not just NTP.)

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