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Rompler Cosplay: a multisample patch pack for Korg modwave

Korg’s modwave (2021) is marketed as a wavetable synthesizer, but it’s more than that. As well as being shipped with hundreds of wavetables, it contains thousands of multisamples in its flash storage. Yet in the factory patches the multisamples are seldom used. It feels like they are present in the modwave mainly because they were in the wavestate (2020) already and it wasn’t worth the effort of taking them out.

These multisamples are pretty good and they cover a wide range of sounds. So what’s stopping you using the modwave as a straight sample synth?

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Korg opsix 2.0 effect in focus: Phaser

In October 2021, Korg released a firmware update for its opsix synthesizer, introducing ten new operator types, a ragtag bundle grouped under the umbrella of “effects”. There isn’t much in common between the ten effects apart from the shared user interface used to configure them. This post is a deep dive into the Phaser effect.

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