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  • This site is now Fediverse-enabled

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  • Deploying the TakahÄ“ Fediverse server on Debian 11

    I have a Mastodon server, but I’m always on the lookout for more lightweight Fediverse software. Recently I was made aware of TakahÄ“, a Django Fediverse server application written in Python. The official installation instructions are high-level and require a fair bit of understanding of Linux system administration. In this article I show the individual…

  • Resonator: a Karplus-Strong synth unit for Korg drumlogue

    Resonator: a Karplus-Strong synth unit for Korg drumlogue

    Korg’s drumlogue hybrid drum machine (2021 2022) continues the tradition of the logue series of hardware (prologue, minilogue xd, NTS-1) in allowing end users to develop, install and use custom coded oscillators and effects. This unit, Resonator, is an extended Karplus-Strong physical model synth which produces sounds reminiscent of plucked strings, struck metallic bars, and…