Three-bin compost system

Here at Ice Moon Prison, everyone deserves a second chance.  This applies equally to our vegetable scraps and grass clippings, so we have commissioned the bespoke official Ice Moon Prison Three-bin Compost System.

The design for our compost bin is pretty standard: three equal-sized compartments built on a raised pallet base, open sides for good ventilation, and removable slats at the front for easy access.

This compost is almost ready to use.

At Ice Moon Prison, we feel that if something is worth doing, it is worth overdoing, so we constructed the bin almost entirely from merbau decking timber, which in addition to being well-nigh indestructible, has the benefit of not leaching poisonous compounds into the decomposing compost, as treated pine could.

Green "in" arrow icon
Insert green stuff here. (Click for SVG file.)
Yellow clock icon
Please wait 2 to 6 months. (Click for SVG file.)
Red up-arrow icon
Red means ripe. (Click for SVG file.)

Additionally, because not all inmates are literate, at least not first thing in the morning, we have labelled each compartment with clear colour-coded icons for easy disambiguation.  These icons were laser-cut by Ponoko from bright weather-proof 3 mm acrylic. By attaching the icons to the slats, it is easy to rotate the role of a bin as the organic matter inside progresses on its journey to becoming soil.

We have been collecting organic material for 12 months, and have made about 0.1 m² of compost.  Considering that we could have bought that much compost from the local gardening centre for about $20, we estimate that the bin will pay for its own construction costs in about 2000 years. We are confident that there will still be a need for Ice Moon Prison then.

Compost bin and dog
The Ice Moon Prison Hound contemplates a future without banana peel.

3 responses to “Three-bin compost system”

  1. Only 2000 years? But it looks so much prettier that the (also expensive) plastic bins that always seem to crack, blow over and break.

  2. You don’t happen to have any construction plans for this compost bin? Looks great!

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